Privacy policy

TeleTrade pays great attention to the protection of personal information of its clients, as well as financial information that relates to them.

We use advanced security technologies, thereby improving the confidentiality of the information received. This provides a high level of reliability during the work with our financial instruments.

The personal information of our customers, as well as contact details are specified directly when applying for opening an account or participation in other programs (promotions, bonuses, contests, etc.).

The personal information of our clients we use only to communicate with them, and we do not disclose it to third persons, unless it's required by law. There are some exceptions described below.

  • TeleTrade may forward information to agents or third persons acting on the basis of the contract with the company, if the company's partners are fulfilling the obligations to the client.
  • TeleTrade may use "cookies" technology, which doesn't contain confidential information and is not transferable to third persons.
  • The client's ip address information is used for identification, but TeleTrade can obtain and save this information.
  • The company takes no responsibility, if the client has provided his personal information in a public form in the company's website.
  • The company takes no responsibility, if the client gives his personal information, login or password to third persons.

TeleTrade use the contact information in order to fulfil its obligations to the client, as well as to evaluate and analyse the work of company and the effectiveness of it's website, to identify the winners and participants of events and competitions held by the company.

TeleTrade company, using personal information received in the legal way, have the rights to send advertising and informational messages to the clients.